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Co-working, a beneficial place for startups!

A Place for Brainstorming and for Social Gatherings! Co-working has come up as a new trend for start-ups, entrepreneurs and freelancers. An instant networking opportunity with traditional office ambiance. It is a place where minds meet work, a place where one can easily work without any stress. Co work has been a new place where social gathering takes place between various independent working entrepreneurs. In India there are many co-works and some famous ones are Geekout, 91Sringboard, Bombay Connect, CoWork Café and many more. The co-works are the best place for entrepreneurs who mainly work-from-home but unfortunately doesn’t get the office environment to work. The work gets disturbed and people often gets stuck up at a point. Co-work is rather a place where people share values and thou...Read More

91Springboard, turning point for many!

91Springboard – A place for the Startups, Co-work, Freelancers and many more. A shared working environment or let’s call it a habitat that start-ups of today are using as a resource. You can find CEOs of different streams working with their team and creating productivity. When you see a typical office, you will get quite bored as you will see people working and just working. A co-work is a place where people can socialise, brainstorm their minds and get help with anything. One will be working as a trainee and in front of him, a CEO can be found creating business strategies. You can easily get inspired and get to know different work, people are indulged with. This place offers freelancers who are working from home, an escape from the distractions of the home environment. Start-ups can...Read More