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The Lady Inspiration, Arunima Sinha

Inspirational Story of Lady - Arunima Sinha

Inspirational story of lady who climbed Mount Everest with an amputated limb but never lost hope.

When people get hurt they tend to cry it out, they feel the pain and forget about it within some time. But if you get hurt that you can’t forget about is what makes the people go mad sometimes. But the courageous overcome them and become an inspiration to many.this is an inspirational story of lady, and going the extra mile worked.

One such inspiration of many lives is Arunima Sinha, the first Indian amputee to climb Mount Everest in April, 2013. The way she had overcome the difficulties and came out to be a high achiever is an inspirational story. This lady has made her name across the globe being the second women amputee to climb the Mount Everest, before her, Rhonda Graham, a female amputee from USA climbed Mount Everest in October, 2011.

Arunima Sinha inspirational story of a lady

Arunima was travelling from Lucknow to Delhi, to join the CISF where she was pushed out of a general coach of the train by thugs trying to snatch her belongings. A train coming from the parallel track ran over her legs. By the time she reached the hospital the leg had to be amputated and that was the time when she really lost all hopes. But this lady had a lot in her mind, she had a dream to climb the highest peak of every continent and with the positive attitude she made the dream into reality.

The lady who chose to change her life and help herself in achiveing the highest peak!

Arunima Sinhainspirational story of a lady

Till date she have been successful in climbing six peaks which are Mount Everest in Asia, Kilimanjaro in Africa, Elbrus in Europe, Kosciuszko in Australia, Aconcagua in Argentina and Carstensz Pyramid in Indonasia.  These climbs helped her to present herself as a successful inspiration rather than a victim.

This lady, Arunima Sinha, created history and an Inspirational Story of Lady for many people who lose hope when they become disable or when they get hurt. So, never lose hope and keep growing.

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