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From ‘Flying Fries’ to ‘Social Squad’

Arushi Khandelwal an Entrepreneur

A story of a young entrepreneur, who started her business with strategies which didn’t workout well for her. But this gave her experience and knowledge of the market and now owns an Event Management Company with the Brand name “Social Squad.”

Entrepreneurship can be a difficult thing to understand for many and there are people who get into the business and fall at the same time. Starting up a business is not an easy thing to do. To understand the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, one has to first become an entrepreneur and start something. Then, one has to understand the hurdles and overcome them. One such lady who became an entrepreneur is, Arushi Khandelwal. This lady with big dreams of having her own venture made her first move with a Food Startup on a small scale.Arushi Khandelwal an Entrepreneur

Arushi Khandelwal, a young dynamic entrepreneur owning a full fledged Event Management Company, Social Squad. Sheplanned to do so when she doing her post-graduation, living alone in Mumbai, where she cameto know her passion of cooking and the need for networking. Living alone in Mumbai she had to create some entertainment for herself during the weekends and that is when, she started with this retail delivery outlet on weekends with 24hrs delivery of food. Within a few days she got her first hurdle of being an entrepreneur, she was all alone working and the weekends became hectic for her. She came to know where she was lagging, and that was the time when she revised the plan and started taking only pre-booked orders.

Well, that too didn’t go well her because she was alone at that time as well and planned to hire manpower. This was the second hurdle which she had to overcome, training the unskilled manpower. Later, she got her firm registered on Zomato.com and the business picked up. By the time she could expand the business, her studies came to an end and she shifted back to Delhi, her home.

The days of glory were yet to begin!

Now, she was all set to start her venture again with on field experiences . After thoroughly understanding the markets and customer demands, she turned the business into an Event Management company with the name “Social Squad”. She developed certain strategies and made a team and there she was climbing the entrepreneurial steps one by one falling and getting up and starting again. Today, she is a proud owner of an Event management company and with her team of professionals, who handles Birthday Parties, House Warming Parties, Ceremonial Events, Destination Wedding and many more.

Now, you have to understand who won in the end, the rabbit who wanted to start and earn at the same point, or the tortoise, who worked and gained experience and played the game slowly and steadily.

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