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Inspirations are what people try to find in others and they are the people we choose to write about. We should never try to find inspiration in others; rather we should become an inspiration in ourselves. Read about such inspirations that are unknown to the world and get inspired by the thrilling and heart-stopping stories of them. This is the InspiZone for those who want to get inspired.

Going the Extra Mile Works!!!

Days were tough – Financially! Mr. Sanjay Sahay took the first job that came his way. He had to report early morning at the warehouse of a small set up, collect the load of shoe polish cream and go along with a team of boys to residential colonies. He had to knock door to door to sell shoe polish cream. Within a week of selling show polish cream, he realized that there were some days that were good days and some days wherein the sales just dropped. Most of the boys who had started with him were trying their sales along with him and generally linked their performance to external circumstances. They would always say that it was a tough day, a tough colony or that the customers did not understand and that something external caused their success and failures. This is when he thought as to how ...Read More

Driver an Inspiration, saved lives in Amarnath Terror attack

A story of Salim the driver, an inspiration who was taking pilgrims and terrorists attacked the bus but this man didn’t stopped rather kept on going till he reached a safe point. Salim Mirza, a bus driver full of pilgrims travelling to Amarnath Yatra, later on Monday evening saw death very closely. He had been driving the same route for a long time now, but hadn’t seen something like this before. He was driving the bus when he saw terrorists who suddenly started to fire indiscriminately. If he had stopped, there would have been a huge number of casualties but this courageous man didn’t. It was around 8pm when the terrorists surrounded the bus and started to fire, Salim showed courage and didn’t stop the bus. He drove the yatris to a safe area almost 2 kilometres from the place of firing. T...Read More

Ambitions never die if hope is alive, Inspirational Gazi

A man who chose to become an inspirational story for the poor! An inspirational man for those who lose hope quite early, Gazi Jallaludin had topped his class at the age of seven, but at the same time he came to know that he could not continue his schooling anymore. The day became brighter and darker at the same point of time and all the happiness inside the boy’s heart was buried there itself. Due to financial difficulties he had to beg, later he started to drive tanga rickshaw, at the young age of 12. Later on, when he was driving rickshaw, Gazi hadn’t forgotten that he was unable to finish his studies and took a decision of helping every child who couldn’t afford studies. This was the actual starting of his life, he requested a friend, a taxi driver to teach him how to drive. While learn...Read More

The Lady Inspiration, Arunima Sinha

Inspirational story of lady who climbed Mount Everest with an amputated limb but never lost hope. When people get hurt they tend to cry it out, they feel the pain and forget about it within some time. But if you get hurt that you can’t forget about is what makes the people go mad sometimes. But the courageous overcome them and become an inspiration to many.this is an inspirational story of lady, and going the extra mile worked. One such inspiration of many lives is Arunima Sinha, the first Indian amputee to climb Mount Everest in April, 2013. The way she had overcome the difficulties and came out to be a high achiever is an inspirational story. This lady has made her name across the globe being the second women amputee to climb the Mount Everest, before her, Rhonda Graham, a female amputee...Read More