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A 23 year old with novel ideas to disrupt the Indian Education and Logistics business.

A piece of paper can not define anyone. All you need is a zeal to learn and access to a knowledge base. Everyone has a fundamental right to acquire knowledge and it must be accessible to all. These are the words of a 23-year-old entrepreneur, Himanshu Arya Rawat, who is the founder of Viden.io and AITC Logistics. Viden.io is the world’s first crowd-sourced knowledge repository where knowledge is created, edited and managed by its community of users. Students, teachers, CEOs and bureaucrats, anyone with an area of expertise can share his/her knowledge on the platform. The knowledge can be in the form of a well-informed article, lecture notes, presentations, reports and images. It is a self-sustained community where you can find anything about everything shared by someone like you. Vid...Read More