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The story of an Entrepreneur with a unique product!


This is a story of Mr. Saurabh Vij, an Entrepreneur and a hardworking man who has been setting up his product and services for some time. The man has a unique idea of making a difference in the market. A market where counterfeiting has become a business of many people. If you are using a real product or not is a difficult thing to tell but using the product by Mr. Saurabh, “isItReal” the difference can be easily answered.


This entrepreneur wanted to bring a change in the market.

isItReal, an anti-counterfeit platform for the authenticity of various products in the market. Well there are many cases of counterfeit increasing with the online stores and fake markets. One buys a mobile from an online store, when it arrives; it is checked and guess what, soap is found in the box. Now, to check whose fault it is, whether the online store or the courier, the customer has to suffer a lot. isItReal is very convenient to use with the mobile application which can be downloaded from different app stores.

Saurabh is an avid believer in persistence and believes that patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success! As said by “Napoleon Hill”

Starting from a very basic job at a call centre, this man knew his passion and creativity cannot work here and he had different plans altogether. He started working in a software testing company but still something was missing. He wanted to create something unique, something of his own which would satisfy his mind and help him achieving success. The man went on creating something of his own and “isItReal” came into action.

Further, he is firm believer that Ambition is the path to success; persistence is the vehicle you arrive in! As said by “William Eardley IV”

The change was to be achieved.

The hurdles he had to face were many, risk of making a different product and starting fresh, companies said you don’t have any users and the users said you don’t have tie-ups with any company. Well, this is the main challenge he had to face but what makes him and his brand unique altogether is that he doesn’t have many competitors to face. Making tie-ups with companies is the process ‘isItReal’ is going through and soon you will find products with unique isItReal labels.

This is how an entrepreneur becomes one, with the talent and unique ideas, accepting the challenges and overcoming them. Saurabh is a pure example of a successful and a strong entrepreneur and I hope he succeeds with flying colours.


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