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From Scientist to an Entrepreneur!

From Scientist to an Entrepreneur

The man who has been making successful business and creating opportunities for many as an Entrepreneur!

People try to find an inspiration in life and they are the ones who don’t go far in the journey of life. Rather the people who decide to become an inspiration are the ones who really make a difference. It can be anyone but mostly who become an inspiration, which people follow and try to be someone like them are the successful ones. I met with a person, who is a successful entrepreneur and has been in the business for a long time now.

From Scientist to an Entrepreneur

Mr. Prateek Kishore Kahnojia, owner of the brand Miristan Consulting & Services and a successful visionary entrepreneur, who has made strong business in Russia and Russian speaking countries, this man has been his own boss for a long time now. Miristan, basically means ‘The Land of Peace’ and Prateek has developed tactics to help small and medium scale businesses in India to set up their business in Russia and the business can be of any stream.

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Well, if we see the past works of Prateek it can be shocking to many as he was working as a Scientist with DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Government of India for almost 6 years and has worked closely with the Armed Forces doing various projects. He is highly skilled with Research & Development, System Design, Training & Mentoring, Learning & Development and many other skilled works to be precise with. Later, he developed his skills with Training and Facilitating Learning & Development and started providing services as a Java Consultant and Trainer in various University and SMEs.

From Scientist to an Entrepreneur

Well, when I heard about his business the first question that struck my mind was, why Russia, why not India and then he explained the tactics he researched. He explained to me the advantages to do business in Russia, as it is a very feasible country altogether. In India taxation on corporate entities is 30-40% and in Russia, it is not more than 15% and oil and gas are free in many areas of Russia. The ease of doing business has grown tremendously as India comes at 130th position and Russia at 40th. So, there is a whole list of Russian advantages which works as positive strategies for Prateek.

 Entrepreneurship is not for everybody, it is for those who cannot live without expressing their ideas and who is creative and wants to work with the creativity they have.

These words by Prateek made me think that this man is someone who is made for entrepreneurship. He left his job for the creativity he had in himself and wanted to grow more and enhance his strategies. His ideas which were bounded in his mind were to be brought out to the world and that was the start of Miristan. Then, I became curious to know what the hurdles which he had to overcome and yes if one is getting into entrepreneurship, hurdles will be there.

From Scientist to an Entrepreneur

Then he explained that first hurdle was changing the stream of work, from being a scientist and later getting into entrepreneurship. The difference of work which he was doing earlier and changing it altogether and starting a new line of work. Another hurdle for him was making contacts where he had to really work his mind off. He had to prove the world that he could do anything and everything, getting people on board and convincing them. The main issue he faced was the finance, people are just passionate to bring out the idea but to integrate it and read the market is very important. But he didn’t lose hope rather he researched and brought everything together for the benefit of his business.

The change had to brought but the work should be at ease!

From Scientist to an Entrepreneur

Every business has competitors and the main competitors for Prateek and Miristan were different Consulting Service providers such as McKinsey, Deloitte and KPMG but he had his own strategies against them. He provides his services to Small and Medium scale enterprises which is a different thing from his competitors. McKinsey and KPMG rather focus on Large-scale enterprises and multi-billion MNC’s so, he has his own strategies against his competitors, socially and professionally.

The last question which I focused on was the mistake which he committed being an entrepreneur in the start. He explained that his curiosity to start the business was the first and a very major mistake he did. He ignored the drawbacks of being an entrepreneur, the eagerness of starting the business gave him a lot of problem at the start but as an entrepreneur, he overcame those mistakes and is now a successful man and an inspiration to many.

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