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The Piped Piper of Noida

The Piped Piper of Noida

The music and dance connect

Got connected with the founder of Localturnon – a connect platform for your affiliation for music and dance. An idea that works on the preamble of FIND-ing, CONNECT-ing and PLAY-ing ON to your moods and passion for music and dance, an idea that as per its founder gets reinforced by the fact that even nature sings and dances to a tune.

If music strikes your mind, enriches your life, when your heart beats to the rhythm of chords and dance is more than just a sport, its passion and no matter how exhausted you are on that dance floor, you don’t give up ,, then just land on to localturnon where you find over 750 Music and Dance Centres, artists, bands and tutors to connect with. Here, at localturnon,   you get an exposure to find your favorite artists, bands and  music & dance tutors. You can find your kind of Music and Dance Centre by distance, price, timings, off-days, reviews and compare as well. In addition to these basic filters you can also apply some specific ones that matter like Caters to Kids, Provides Home Services, Is within 10 kms of your location , Price per session less than Rs 400 etc. “We have just started out. Infact, if you notice, the current site is just the beta. There are enriched features that are being deployed on the next version that is around the corner in terms of release. I can assure that the Localturnon version 2.0 will truly give the consumer better ways to engage” says Tajinder.

Now , if we talk about the provider’s  side for all the music and dance centers, tutors, dancers, singers, bands and dance troupes you get a free listing on the platform which gives you an immense visibility. Also unlike other platforms that offer multiple search categories this one aka Localturnon is just about music and dance and that makes the difference. They give you an option of fixing your own deals and offers and create coupons with real time alerts. And apart from everything you get a free local connect through e-mails and SMS. And all leads go directly to the artist or the band so there is no middlemen approach here.

And like any Entertainment scene there is a lot going on behind the scenes as well. In this case Localturnon has a very active and engaging social media presence apart from their web platform.  “Entertainment is truly ‘Jo dikhta hai, wahi bikta hai’ and thus it was important for us to connect with not only our customers but suppliers as well. We have been promoting Music Dance Centres, Artists, Bands, Dancers, Events on all our channels, over 20 of them. Infact we have also now started supporting Bands and Musicians build their websites, design their merchandise. We have now started venturing into events of our own. I call it natural progression.” says Tajinder

So be it someone you need to perform at the corporate launch, A College Festival, Annual Day Celebrations, Private Party, Wedding Choreographer or Birthday Parties localturnon will have it covered for you. It’s easy and direct – Log in, Filter by the type of occasion you need to engage , Search the type of Artist, Genres like Rock, Retro, Indie, Pop & more, By Appearance Price Band, Availability and click on Book.  Localturnon ensures you that you get directly connected with your suppliers.

Founder’s message- Entertainment in the form of Music and Dance is like a perpetual resource. The Artists will keep getting produced, the forms and styles will keep evolving. It is infinite, unstructured in so many ways, unorganized as well. We don’t want to change everything so somewhere this also yields creativity. But yes, we would want Localturnon to contribute in whatever little ways by bringing the seekers closer to the providers.

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