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One Entrepreneur helping various entrepreneurs, Bytepaper!


This is a story of Mr Manish Kumar, successful entrepreneur, developer and founder of Bytepaper an innovative tool for various businesses.

Mr Manish, an entrepreneur who started his career in HCL, building software for US and UK based clients. His family has been working in the affiliate business for a long time now. This is how he got his idea of starting something of his own. Bytepaper (SAS) based software which helps in managing various businesses. It is a platform to access and manage with getting into the insights about everyday goals. The goals which a business sets for their staff every day.



Manish was a software developer and was building softwares for different clients. That was the time when he got the idea to develop a software which will help Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) of India. To increase the productivity of such enterprises was the main work which he got into. Manish had now, planned to double his work. During the day time he was working with the software company and the night was to develop his own application.


The time changed with the new advanced idea!

They launched in January this year and been successful with their launched product and services. He could have worked in a MNC but he was not satisfied with it and rather chose to be an Entrepreneur. He was aiming various small SME’s to bring his product to and slowly was achieving it. But still was facing problems and one such problem was the internet users. The Internet users were not that much, for him to widespread his application but after 2016 the boom in the market have helped him and his business to increase his reach in the market.



As it is a SAS based application which needs internet to use that created a problem. The SME’s were just not used to internet based work but Bytepaper has helped the business to grow. Now, there is no need to invest time and money buying different softwares. With the integrated tool, Bytepaper, businesses can work with ease.

Bytepaper is a team of hardworking software developers who have achieved success with their integrated application.

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