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The Key to Success for this Lady Entrepreneur!

Lady Entrepreneur

This is a story of lady entrepreneur, Mrs. Moushumi Sharma who has been a successful with her courage and dedication.

The Hidden Mystery Behind Lady Entrepreneur!

Mrs. Moushumi Sharma, the lady entrepreneur, young dynamic leader of successful market research and consulting services with the name MaxCorp Consulting. She had a great experience in the consultation business and started a journey to go long miles. The dedication and courage she has put up in her business is tremendous. She has earlier worked with renowned market research companies and made it her business later. The experience in the field has helped her to gain certain areas of expertise. Fields such as business analytics, planning, business strategy, business development, project management.

There was a time when US Companies limited outsourcing their work to India. This is where her business came to action, there were small  research assignments and studies which needed to be executed and Moushumi helped these companies and assisted in their assignments. This is how she  first started as an entrepreneur. During the same time, she also had a baby and was required to stay back at home and the best option was – she decided to start on her own.

MaxCorp Consulting

Hurdles, Mistakes and Competitors were the main challenges.

The hurdles she faced were quality control and as she outsourced to various companies, the quality of data had to be perfect. One more hurdle that she faced were the payments. In business, finance becomes a hurdle but how you overcome it is what matters. They also found it challenging to source business from big organisations as MaxCorp was a small unit but they eventually overcome it step by step.

MaxCorp Consulting has been selected as Top 10 Promising Market Research Company in India.

MaxCorp had to face competition from established Market Research companies. They provided clients with flexible solutions at competitive costs and good quality. Eventually they overcame the hurdles and now is a successful company and a well-known brand in the Market Research & Consulting industry.

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