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Ambitions never die if hope is alive, Inspirational Gazi

Gazi story

A man who chose to become an inspirational story for the poor!

An inspirational man for those who lose hope quite early, Gazi Jallaludin had topped his class at the age of seven, but at the same time he came to know that he could not continue his schooling anymore. The day became brighter and darker at the same point of time and all the happiness inside the boy’s heart was buried there itself. Due to financial difficulties he had to beg, later he started to drive tanga rickshaw, at the young age of 12.

Gazi Jallaludin

Later on, when he was driving rickshaw, Gazi hadn’t forgotten that he was unable to finish his studies and took a decision of helping every child who couldn’t afford studies. This was the actual starting of his life, he requested a friend, a taxi driver to teach him how to drive. While learning he started a driving committee and identified 10 underprivileged boys and taught them driving and offered job as well. But, in return he asked them to give five rupees from their earnings and they had to educate two more boys.

inspirational man

This is how he made the committee into a chain of business and started to gain profits, children who couldn’t afford this job at first. The committee grew from 10 to 50 and then from 50 to 500 people who took up driving as their professions. The next plan was to collect donations from the passengers and the donation was money to buy clothes, uniforms and books for children who couldn’t afford them. Well, again he was successful in doing so but there was another thing going on in his mind.

inspirational man Gazi Jallaludin

The time was changing as he got support of the villagers!

This man now had to bring another change which was also his dream, to open up a school. From time to time he was collecting donations and he is now successfully opened up 2 schools and an orphanage. This inspirational man and a God to them whom he helped, is a man who took the backdrops of life and changed them into golden mines for the underprivileged has been going the extra mile since then.


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