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A help from Startup India for the budding Entrepreneurs!

A help from Startup India for the budding Entrepreneurs!

A free online Entrepreneurship Learning program by Startup India, a GOI Initiative.

The Indian Government has taken an initiative under the Startup India campaign.This course will be helping new entrepreneurs. The start-up India will be based on promoting bank financing for start-up ventures, supporting entrepreneurship and encourages stat-ups with jobs creation. The Indian Government is taking one more step to help the budding entrepreneurs with a free online learning program.

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The Startup India learning program, an initiative by The Government of India is a 4 week program which will be free and online for Entrepreneurs. This is a very useful initiative taken by the Indian Government as the new budding entrepreneurs need such help. The biggest mistake done by new entrepreneurs is that they start a business without knowing the ups and downs of the market. After a few days they face a lot of problems and get messed up with things.


A unique chance to learn and enhance the skills needed in entrepreneurial business.

To prevent such downfalls and for Idea generation, the Indian Government has launched this free online program. The entrepreneurs need help and knowledge of the market they are entering. They have collaborated with UpGrad for developing the program. The startup learning program will be featuring the top entrepreneurs who will be helping in this program. The top entrepreneurs of India including the CEOs and founders.

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The program will be looking into some basic and important knowledge of starting up a business with stability. The entrepreneurs will get an opportunity to learn the best by various CEOs and founders of various Indian Brands. You are an entrepreneur who is facing issues or getting stuck up at some point, then you have the right opportunity to get help. This course will be working as a help and will be focusing the insights of being a successful entrepreneur.

The Start-up India online learning program will be focusing on Idea Validation, Financial & Legal planning and Pitching & Funding as their program syllabus.

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