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Going the Extra Mile Works!!!

Going Extra Mile Works

Days were tough – Financially!

Mr. Sanjay Sahay took the first job that came his way. He had to report early morning at the warehouse of a small set up, collect the load of shoe polish cream and go along with a team of boys to residential colonies. He had to knock door to door to sell shoe polish cream. Within a week of selling show polish cream, he realized that there were some days that were good days and some days wherein the sales just dropped. Most of the boys who had started with him were trying their sales along with him and generally linked their performance to external circumstances. They would always say that it was a tough day, a tough colony or that the customers did not understand and that something external caused their success and failures.

This is when he thought as to how he could work differently. He offered to shine one pair of shoe on the purchase of each bottle of shoe polish. The moment the door opened, he would tell the customer that he had come to shine one pair of shoes free of charge. If the customers then liked his work, he/she could buy one bottle of shoe polish from him.

The idea worked like magic. He remembers his sale is the highest and he was the quickest to finish my load. He learned:

1) Going that extra mile really helps!
2) First focus on giving then on receiving
3) Extraordinary people do things that others don’t want to do

He applied the same concepts in many areas of his career and have always benefitted as an individual. This has contributed to growth, for self and the organizations he has worked for. He got many promotions and rising through the levels became Regional Projects Manager in a German Multinational Company – based on this simple concept of Going the Extra Mile Works.

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