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First Self-Start-up, then Solution Valley


An incidental start-up which has come up to be successful with the skills Mohit has used in the market.

There are a lot of companies coming up with lots of ideas and they are being successful with innovative ideas. The entrepreneur has to go through a big process in setting up a business. Then the next challenge before him is to run the business successfully. There are times when entrepreneurs get stuck up at moments and then fail. They do not think what would have gone wrong and try to change it. Overcoming challenges are the part which every entrepreneur should go through positively.

Solution Valley was successful because Mohit waited and did Self-start-Up before starting up.

Mr. Mohit Srivastava, founder and CEO of Solution valley, a company working to provide an optimal solution for boosting various businesses effectively. With web development and mobile application development services, solution valley is a solution for every online business and E-commerce. Another aspect that Mohit has his expertise in, Consultation Services to various clients across the nation. A marketing person, who decided to help clients with Solution Valley. He has tie-ups with various companies and also provides with high-level WordPress customization and API integration as well. Mohit has a different perception in the way he gives logistics and telecom solution and has been successful in doing so. But was he able to gain that success easily? Well, an entrepreneur has to go through a lot of ups & downs with high-level challenges but the way one works it out matters. He also faced a lot of hurdles and challenges but he faced them positively and was able to become successful with Solution Valley.

Mohit is fond of collecting books and has hacked himself by making his reading skills strong. He is a great man to talk and is running his business successfully since 3 years now.

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