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Experience fashion shopping like never before!

Experience fashion shopping like never before!

When was the last time you almost exhausted hopping between stores trying an overwhelming number of clothes and still return home disappointed? It’s a nightmare for most of us. Well, this is a tale of two dream chasing friends who have got this nightmare all figured out and have dared to explore, execute and emerge, hopefully, successful out of the murky fashion retail market with their innovative technology platform and save the entire fashion savvy generation a lot of struggle.

I met these guys yesterday and oh! how exhilarating their entrepreneurial journey has been that I felt an immediate urge to pen down their story and share the electrifying solution they are currently building and, their vigor and passion to never give up on dreams. The world needs to know this!

Abhitosh Yadav & Rohit Chhabra, conjointly the heart and soul, of an internet company which strives to work for innovations in the field of fashion retail and revolutionize the way we shop for fashion be it online or offline.

Seven years back when they first met in college, little did they know about the fates they will share for the years to come and the passion they will share to chase their dreams, but what they did get to know was that they certainly make good team. “When I first met him I wasn’t sure about how long we will get along but I felt that we would make a strong team and can achieve something big.”, said Rohit on asking how did it start. During their professional journey, they have worked in a variety of fields ranging from marketing to hospitality. They preach entrepreneurial spirit and for their current venture, which also happens to be their dream project, they have risen from a failure of their last startup, to once again test their mettle and make their mark in the business world.

Their venture is called Modestreet Internet Pvt. Ltd. and Modestreet Fashion (MSF) is their core offering. The name is derived from Italian for fashion, i.e. Mode, along with the essence of shopping i.e. a street market. Modestreet Fashion is an online platform for fashion enthusiasts and shoppers, which I think is immensely called for and could potentially be a game changer for all of us. The objective of MSF is to empower fashion buyer and marketer to make better choices.

Modestreet Fashion can be summed up as: Augmented fashion network for multichannel fashion retail.

So now let’s talk about the stirring solution which got me off my seat. Well, foremostly it is all about solving the pressing problems faced by the stakeholders of fashion retail space, viz. fashion brand, fashion curator, and fashion consumer, and hence make fashion shopping an evermore exciting online experience.

To begin with, one of the biggest concern of the industry today is sizing. Finding the right fit and the right look is what the buyers struggle for across the globe. Additionally, the sellers too face the import of this issue in terms of a high number of returns owing to ill fit. Interestingly they have come up with a patented, unique and effective concept of Augmented Reality based Virtual Fitting Room that will address all the sizing concerns of buyers and sellers and moreover will offer you all the facilities of an offline trial room to make sure that you look the best in the outfit you have selected. They believe in building a bridge between the comfort and convenience of an online shopping channel while at the same time the look and feel of an offline shopping destination.

Going further the second offering is for all of you who just can’t shop alone or decide whether a particular outfit suits you.  Modestreet gives you a seamless platform where you can select the articles, try them and take pictures, post it among your friends and family, discussing the shortlisted outfits and get reviews and feedback across all social media platforms through a single interface. Fashion Networking in the true sense. You might also share the same with a designer of your choice and invite feedback. This satisfies the need of having people around while shopping to know what suits you and what not. Moreover, this feature will enhance fashion curator’s user reach substantially and will eventually help you be evermore fashionable.

At last we talk about Multi Channel Fashion Retail. Now, this is the most exciting part, at least for me! What if you order a dress and wish to wear the same evening? Here you go! You just have to select the garment and they tell you the availability of the same at the nearest store. You can ask them directly to deliver OR if you wish to go and purchase later you can book an appointment for trial and purchase of that particular dress and saves a lot of your time. You can also compare prices, and purchase the same dress online across marketplace of your choice.

After a detailed discussion on their entrepreneurial journey so far and the revolutionary product that they are going to bring in the consumer market by the year’s end, we also talked about their key struggles and obstacles. They have found the key lies in finding the right human resource. Just, as an army is the strength of any kingdom, so are the employees to a company and finding the right talent and skill set has been a major focus for them and if done right the team proves to be the biggest asset for the organization. They have maintained the company’s culture in a way that will help them with a symbiotic growth for the organization and the employees. Moreover, they believe that such balanced culture will be their primary strength towards building a undefeatable team.

The mission of Modestreet Internet is to empower fashion buyers and marketers to make better choices.


Lead innovations in Fashion Retail.


I believe in making someone’s life easy and better. The entire concept is not generating just another fashion marketplace but also educating people about fashion and making them understand the intrinsic value of brands with all the comforts of offline & online shopping in one place.


I am fundamentally a go-getter and I love pushing my limits to realize my goals. For me fashion is not just an industry, it’s an experience, it’s a feel! We provide the perfect blend of faith, trust, perseverance, product authenticity to our customers.

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