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Entrepreneurial idea was an online content agency, Vocabberry.com


A lot new entrepreneurial ideas are coming up to budding entrepreneurs’ creative minds. But how many of them pursue their idea to quit it later is a plight to many. And then there are some who make it their business, their work – Eat… Breathe…Sleep!!

In this journey of making the unique ideas and innovations work, some fail before becoming Young Turks – Harsh Reality!
The ones who failed got lost on a deserted island, leaving the footprints unreturned! The successful ones too faced the heat but decided to keep their spine quite right. One of these many test cases is Aditi Syal, Founder at Vocabberry – a charming personality I encountered.


Did I just say Vocabberry and not Vocabulary, or Vocaberry? Well, that’s the catch here. ‘Vocabberry‘ is an online content production agency, one of its kinds, that boasts of a professional panel of expert writers (SMEs to be precise), editors and proof-readers dedicated to helping other businesses up their web presence. Having understood the need of content in the phase of online marketing, Aditi caught up with the idea. She hails from a background where people in the business were unheard of which initially appeared as quite big a challenge.

This made me inquisitive of learning ‘Why entrepreneurship?’ 

Upon asking, Aditi, excited and thrilled in her voice, said, ‘it was enough of building someone else’s brand, I could foresee myself constructing my own.” At a novice age of 23, when her peers were still exploring to enter the B schools, she was already uplifting some brands via her powerful content.

My next inquest was to figure out how she managed to maintain quality to strengthen the brand image.

The woman left no stone unturned! She tells me that the mantra of keeping a check on quality is consistent team training and preaching new trends of content marketing – developing content in a way that the audience digests readily.

Next up was on challenges – what has been her learning so far?

Vocabberry (again, not Vocaberry), at its innate stage, compromised enough on the bargain. However, the grooming of their portfolio helped the team stand tall and loud showcasing quality, trust, and versatility – the first online content agency that enables its customers to raise an online request for content writing services. It was then that this young entrepreneur decided to change the ball game for once and all i.e. strengthened the company guidelines on the number of iterations and introducing a prepaid model.
It didn’t really end here. We went on and on with our chat that lasted 40 odd minutes until I realised this meet is worth another catch up, and of course, another exciting story from Aditi’s startup journey as a fierce women entrepreneur.
All charged up with learnings from her last workshop, Content Marketing 101, that she conducted at @91Springboard Noida, I bother you all, my lovely readers to take a glance at what Vocabberry has in store – ‘LIKE’ ‘SHARE’ ‘COMMENT’ and mind your words… (to remember the tagline)


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