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Co-working, a beneficial place for startups!


A Place for Brainstorming and for Social Gatherings!

Co-working has come up as a new trend for start-ups, entrepreneurs and freelancers. An instant networking opportunity with traditional office ambiance. It is a place where minds meet work, a place where one can easily work without any stress. Co work has been a new place where social gathering takes place between various independent working entrepreneurs. In India there are many co-works and some famous ones are Geekout, 91Sringboard, Bombay Connect, CoWork Café and many more.


The co-works are the best place for entrepreneurs who mainly work-from-home but unfortunately doesn’t get the office environment to work. The work gets disturbed and people often gets stuck up at a point. Co-work is rather a place where people share values and thoughts. An attractive place for professionals’ mostly independent contractors and freelancers.

Co-working has helped Entrepreneurs and business like SME’s

These co-works are equipped with everything one needs in an office and much more. They have a special play area for the stressed-out workers with stress releasing games. One such co-work where I work right now is 91Springboard. It has got some benefits for people who can’t work in their homes with distractions everywhere. They have a setup for single person office to a 15 people office space, with closed and open office space. A games room dedicated to Foosball and Table-Tennis, other than the games a great cafeteria with unique style of recipes every day.


The best thing of this co-work is the management, a well organised and a very sophisticated place and people. Many things I learnt from here and many new contacts were made. So, if we take a deep look in the co-works, a huge benefit is that there are a lot of offices at one place. This helps in making contacts and brainstorming. The staff o 91Springboard is also quite friendly and helping. . Co-working provides opportunities to observe and learn from colleagues and other people working in here.

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