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A 23 year old with novel ideas to disrupt the Indian Education and Logistics business.

A piece of paper can not define anyone. All you need is a zeal to learn and access to a knowledge base. Everyone has a fundamental right to acquire knowledge and it must be accessible to all. These are the words of a 23-year-old entrepreneur, Himanshu Arya Rawat, who is the founder of Viden.io and AITC Logistics. Viden.io is the world’s first crowd-sourced knowledge repository where knowledg...Read More

Experience fashion shopping like never before!

When was the last time you almost exhausted hopping between stores trying an overwhelming number of clothes and still return home disappointed? It’s a nightmare for most of us. Well, this is a tale of two dream chasing friends who have got this nightmare all figured out and have dared to explore, execute and emerge, hopefully, successful out of the murky fashion retail market with their innovative...Read More

The Piped Piper of Noida

The music and dance connect Got connected with the founder of Localturnon – a connect platform for your affiliation for music and dance. An idea that works on the preamble of FIND-ing, CONNECT-ing and PLAY-ing ON to your moods and passion for music and dance, an idea that as per its founder gets reinforced by the fact that even nature sings and dances to a tune. If music strikes your mind, e...Read More